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Create engaging videos with Renderforest’s self-explanatory video maker. Choose your favorite from thousands of studio-quality video templates and customize it according to your needs.

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Make videos in less than 5 minutes

Make an attention-grabbing video and share your story with the world. Widescreen, Portrait, Square versions are available.

Intro videos

Take your YouTube channel to the next level with an eye-catching intro video.


Promo videos

Boost your business, attract new clients with these flabbergasting promotional videos.



Create a Disney-quality animated video and let it tell your story.


Explainer videos

Share your knowledge and expertise with quality informative videos.



Introduce yourself, share your milestones, suggest new business ideas/plans with Renderforest video presentation maker.


Video editing

Edit your video like a pro with no design and technical skills.


All your video making needs under one roof

Rich Stock Footage and Breath-taking Filters

Upload your own visuals, or explore our stock library for beautiful images and clips. Use the original images or filter them to your liking.

Licensed Audio Tracks

Upload your own music track, or select from Renderforest’s pre-licensed audio tracks to narrate your story.

Professional Color Presets and Custom Color Combinations

Choose psychologically influential color presets pre-created by Renderforest, or come up with your own combinations to leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Advanced Voiceover and Text to Speech

Upload a voiceover, record your own voice in-app, or have Renderforest read your text gracefully. Choose the voice language, the gender, the accent, the speed and wait for the magic.

Fonts, Transitions, Text Style, Look

Use the in-app fonts or upload your own, easily add text, decide on the position, control the transitions of the slides, settle the overall look of your video before the preview.

Crop, Fit, Rotate

Crop your images/videos effortlessly, fit them on the editor, rotate, replace, and much more with Renderforest’s sophisticated video editor.

Thousands of Pre-made Templates

Explore thousands of free intros, explainers, animations, promotional video templates, and music visualizations, or check out the media library for stock images and videos.

Full availability on any device

Create your videos on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Simply download the Renderforest app, which is available for both iOS and Android, and capture the moment.

Video templates to customize

How to make a YouTube video

Choose a relevant video template

Get a head start with a professional template, decide on a design that reflects your personal taste and the message you want to convey.

Customize your design with free features

Choose from a wide range of unique fonts, transitions, and color schemes. Add your own video footage, photos, and music to your video timeline, or choose from a variety of free images and music.

Spice it up with catchy music

Make sure your intro video has a soundtrack to go with it. Upload your own music or choose one of Renderforest’s free soundtracks to accompany your video.

Try the voiceover or turn your text to speech

Recording your voice, or have Renderforest read your text in any language and gender you desire.

Include Call-to-Action

Optimize your video’s content by including keywords in headers and lower thirds to convey the video’s message as effectively as possible.

Export your video and share

Upload your video in seconds and share it directly with the rest of the world.


Can I add multiple scenes at once?

Yes, you can. Simply choose all the scenes you are interested in and have them pop up in your editor ready to be customized.

Can I choose the type of voice I want to have in my video?

You can choose the language (10 languages available), the voice gender, and the speed.

On what devices is Renderforest’s video maker available?

Renderforest is available on web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and much more. It is also accessible on IOS and Android.

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