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Take your branding to the next level with a professional-looking YouTube channel logo! With Renderforest's YouTube logo maker, you can easily create your logo without having advanced design skills. Browse the library of ready-made logo templates and customize the one you love in just a few clicks.

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Some tips for creating a YouTube logo


1. Log in to Renderforest

Log in to your Renderforest account to start creating your YouTube logo design. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up using Facebook, Google, or any other email you have.


2. Select a YouTube logo template

Once you log in to Renderforest’s YouTube logo maker, you are free to browse hundreds of customizable templates and find one that is relevant to your industry. Do you already have YouTube logo ideas? Build it from scratch using Renderforest’s stunning features!


3. Give the template your brand's look & feel

Customize the YouTube logo template by changing its style, colors, and fonts. Ensure your logo reflects your brand and shares your values with your potential audience.


4. Showcase your YouTube logo design

Are you done customizing your stylish YouTube logo? Download and upload it on your YouTube channel to make it more memorable and easier to promote on various social media platforms.

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Why do you need a logo for your YouTube channel?

Brand recognition

Your YouTube channel logo symbolizes your brand. The more YouTube users see your logo, the better they will start recognizing your channel.

Professional look

Your logo is the representation of your brand. So make sure to have a YouTube logo design that proves your professionalism.


A powerful logo for YouTube channel influences users' behaviors and patterns. Your created visual identity will be remembered by users, which will make your brand more trustworthy.

Increased click-through rates and more subscribers

Users are more inclined to click on YouTube channels with neatly designed logos instead of blurry images. Professionally designed logos will increase your click-through rates and attract more users to your channel.

YouTube logos best practices

It's super easy to create a logo for YouTube using Renderforest's YouTube logo maker. However, there are some design elements that you need to consider if you want your logo to look professional.

These elements are the layout, colors, fonts, and shapes. If you choose them right, you will rise above your competitors, helping your audience remember you and your brand.


Colors have the power to evoke a negative or positive emotion. By choosing a color, you communicate a particular message to your audience. For instance, red is used to show passion. White can be used to indicate harmony and purity. However, this does not mean you should add as many colors as possible to your logo. You only need a beautiful but simple logo for YouTube channel. Choose 2 main colors that are different from your competitor channels.



The font is an inseparable part of any logo for YouTube channel. If you select the right fonts, you will highlight the advantages of your logo. Always try to choose the one that communicates your brand identity and values instead of using a trendy font that will be forgotten tomorrow.



Every pixel of your YouTube channel logo matters. The best option for your logo is to have a clean layout without any complicated elements; 1-2 logo elements are enough for your YouTube channel. You can always use more complex logos for other social media platforms.



Do not include too many shapes in your logo, as their complexity may distract your potential subscribers and refrain them from subscribing to your YouTube channel. Choose a maximum of 2 shapes and make sure they complement all your design elements.

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What customers say about us

Shweta Shelar

Renderforest is one of the best…

Renderforest is one of the fantastic platforms that provide a variety of features for almost all of your branding needs, in simple words, it's a hub of products for everything your brand requires for online presence. If you need a logo for your brands, Renderforest is there to help you. Don't worry if you are a complete newbie. They provide premade logo templates that can be easily customized by even a kid. So if you don't have any prior knowledge, you can also design good, professional-looking logos with ease.

John S.

Renderforest is the best display for our business!

Renderforest allows us to easily have a logo splash animation for our commercial videos, which is extremely helpful, as animating by hand would take so much time. Renderforest also uses its own render-farms to render the content, emailing us with a link when the full-HD 1080p file is ready to be downloaded. The problem of not having a logo animation splash or the appropriate software is forever forgotten!


People also ask

What should I include in my logo for YouTube?

The logo for YouTube channel should be simple, without any complex elements. You can create different versions of the logo - text only, image only, and a combination of text and image, then test them to see which one performs best for your channel.

How long will it take to get my Youtube logo?

It usually depends on the YouTube logo maker you are using to create the logo for your channel. Some logo makers like Renderforest will allow you to create your logo in just a few minutes by following its simple instructions.

What is the standard size of a YouTube logo?

We recommend choosing a 1:1 square canvas for a high-quality logo. However, you can always change the YouTube logo size depending on your needs.

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